Snapchat ~ Rooted (2023)

Breathe to connect with the natural world in this Augmented Reality Experience.

The act of breathing is both essential to human life and part of the cycle that feeds plant and tree growth. As we breathe out CO2, they take this and produce the oxygen we need to survive. This symbiotic relationship allows us to connect with the natural world in a language that is familiar to both of us.

With the unreleased new generation Spectacles, we engage the human senses to increase connection & intimacy with the natural world. Drawing from the breathing practice of Pranayama, our project draws attention to the life energy that is contained in our bodies and the control we have over how we release it into the world. With the Spectacles, follow the sounds of affirmation, surrounded by tessellations that inhale and exhale with you.

Exhibited at the Snap x RCA show “The Arrival of a Train” in Cromwell Place during London Design Week. 

Snap Inc x Royal College of Art:
Collaborative Augmented Reality Development Project ~

Exploring the creative uses & implications of their AR Lens Studio software and carrying out a research project for their unreleased product, the new generation Spectacles 

Immerse yourself into the sounds of nature and affirmations surrounded by tesselations that guide the inhale and exhale of the breath (~3 mins). 

After starting the lens, the user is instructed to extend their hand in front of them as a form of reaching their hand out into nature. Once the hand-tracking technology activates, the guided meditation begins along with 3D tesselations inspired by Islamic art. 

Scan the Snapcode on the Snapchat app to start. (AR Experience optimized for the Spectacles)

This project was exhibited at the
Snap x RCA show “The Arrival of a Train” in Cromwell Place in Kensington.

Collaborative project working with:
Madhavi Bhagwat, Cyan D’Anjou, & Mary Lucas-Afolalu