I am a London-based Indian-American engineer, musician-songwriter, creative technologist, multidisciplinary artist & designer, and a YouTube content creator

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I earned my BS with Honors majoring in Industrial Engineering and minoring in Spanish with a Language Proficiency distinction at the esteemed Georgia Institute of Technology. Recently, I completed my MA in Digital Direction (Immersive Technology & Storytelling) at the prestigious Royal College of Art. Driven by a multidisciplinary background, I love to explore innovative intersections between art, design, music, engineering, and technology. Beginning with a focus on amplifying the voices of various marginalized communities globally, my creative journey has expanded into exploring the role of technology as a facilitator in connecting diverse realms of cultures or realities.

I recently had a collaboration with Snapchat to conduct a research project using their unreleased new generation Augmented Reality glasses, the Spectacles; our final prototype was exhibited at Cromwell Place in London, UK. My team’s project, Ex Nihilo, was selected to exhibit at the renowned Ars Electronica Festival 2023 in Linz, Austria, as well as New Designers Show 2024 at the London Design Business Centre. My work has also been featured online including National Geographic’s social media during Earth Week 2020.

Playing the guitar, piano, and ukulele, I am a musician, singer, and songwriter. My debut Hindi-English single that examines child-rearing practices and generational trauma will release later this year in 2024. 

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